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The Tower RoomRestaurant Reviews

We are new to CO and someone suggested The Fort for the scenic views and unique food and they were right! The whole experience was amazing! The servers were on top of everything, not too pushy and very knowledgeable. The food was super unique and the taste was, well it was just crazy good! We spent a lot of money but we had a few drinks and a bottle of wine. but to have drinks, app, dinner for two it was around $200 and worth it, this coming from someone who doesn’t spend more than $20 a plate traditionally.”
Restaurant Review: Dined on 7/12/2014

“We had guests from overseas; not only did The Fort provide a wonderful meal, but they had a translated menu and put the national flag on the table. The guests were very gratified and The Fort made our experience very special for their last night in the US. In addition, we had one guest with mobility issues (uses a cane) and they were very helpful and accommodating. We plan to return soon, when we can relax!”
Restaurant Review: Dined on 7/7/2014

“I have been going to the Fort since the 60’s as a child. I always take visitors from out of state and my family has had many holiday reunions through out the years. I’m never disappointed with the service food or view. I will keep going back until I no longer am able creating more memories.”
Restaurant Review: Dined on 6/30/2014

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