Buffalo Filets on the grillThe Fort’s Menus

The Fort combines our love of the Old West with a passion for good food. While we specialize in the “Food and Drink of the Early West,” we explore the culinary past to bring you new frontiers of gastronomy. Featuring fine buffalo, beef, game and seafood, The Fort’s award-winning menu offers a tantalizing selection of old and new foods of the Great West.

Dining at The Fort is an experience like no other. Fine cuisine based on the traditions of Colorado’s past, an atmosphere like no other in our historic replica of Bent’s Old Fort and the friendly people of The Fort. You will remember your meal at The Fort forever!

Roasted Bison Marrow BonesAll of our recipes are based on ingredients that were available in Colorado in the 1830s. This is the time when Bent’s Old Fort was the center of trade, culture and, yes, eating and drinking! Your meal at The Fort will show you how ingredients from the 1830s can lead to a wonderful culinary experience in the 21st century!

Dinner entrees range from $20 – $52, however some Chef specials may exceed $52.


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