Wine of the West

Life in the early West was not as primitive as some may think. Although beaver tail, raw buffalo liver and dog stew were often served for dinner, the bourgeois, or boss, of each fort would have dined on English porcelain. Most forts had wine cellars that were full of French and Spanish wines typically sold by the hogshead, or 63 gallon barrels. The wine would then be decanted from these barrels and poured into hand-blown glass bottles before being sold or traded.

Upon establishing the restaurant in 1963, Samuel Arnold researched ways to stock The Fort with one of Colorado’s top wine lists. Today at The Fort, we are proud to house more than 2,000 bottles and 130 different varieties of wine from around the world. We have been honored to receive Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for nine consecutive years. Our team of esteemed servers is happy to walk guests through our extensive wine list and make a recommendation that pairs best with each dish.