The Fort Indoor Fine Dining Menu

The Fort's Game Plate

The Fort’s Game Plate

The Fort’s Indoor Fine Dining Menu

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All Entrées Are Served With

Fort Breads – A selection of pumpkin walnut muffins and dinner rolls. Fort Dinner Salad – Seven crisp greens topped with pickled ginger, diced jicama and toasted pepitas. (You can add guacamole.) Dressing Choices – Chunky Danish Blue Cheese, Herbal Damiana* House Vinaigrette, Buttermilk Ranch, Chipotle Honey or Balsamic Vinegar & Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil *Reputed aphrodisiac herb.


Jalapeños Escabeche Stuffed with Peanut Butter

Jalapeños Escabeche Stuffed with Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Stuffed Jalapeños Escabeche

House-made pickled jalapeños with a mango chutney sweetened whipped peanut butter. GF/V
½ order: $6
Full order: $10

Shrimp Quesadilla

Tender Shrimp in a barbecue sauce with aged Mexican Cheeses in a flour tortilla, with a lime sour cream finish and a dollop of guacamole.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

“The last thing that jumps over the fence” as our ranchers say. Small buffalo bites tossed in seasoned panko and deep fried to a crispy golden brown. Served with a tangy sweet chili sauce. One of our most popular appetizers!
1/2 Order $6
Full order $10

Sam’s Famous Guacamole & Corn Chips

Sam’s Famous Guacamole & Corn Chips

Sam’s Famous Guacamole

“Denver’s Best Guacamole” with big chunks of avocado, tomato, onion and fresh squeezed lime, served with corn tortilla chips. GF/V
1/2 Order $6
Full order $10

Hot Sausage Bean Dip

Hot chorizo sausage sautéed with dark Stout beer, refried beans and cheddar cheese. Served with corn tortilla chips.
1/2 Order $6
Full order $10

Roasted Bison Marrow Bones

Roasted Bison Marrow Bones

Roasted Bison Marrow Bones (Allow extra time)

Known as “Prairie Butter” to the early pioneers, this delicacy was Julia Child’s favorite! Served in the bone with crostini.
1/2 Order $12
Full order $18

Bison Eggs

Do bison lay eggs? Pickled quail eggs wrapped in house-made buffalo sausage. Served with a raspberry-pepper jam. Our version of a Scottish Egg.
1/2 Order $6
Full order $10

Braised Bison Tongue

A Historian’s Treat! The bison tongue is slowly braised, peeled and sliced. Each slice of bison tongue is served on a crostini.
1/2 Order $6
Full order $10

Crispy Lamb Riblets

Crispy Lamb Riblets tossed in a spicy citrus BBQ sauce.

Historian’s Platter*

Enjoy a sampler platter of buffalo sausage (Boudies), The Fort’s famous guacamole with tortilla chips, rocky mountain oysters, buffalo tongue on crostini, and peanut butter stuffed pickled jalapeños.
1/2 Order $20
Full order $30

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Main Course

Bison Tenderloin

William Bent’s Buffalo Tenderloin Filet Mignon

William Bent’s Buffalo Tenderloin Filet Mignon*

So tender, it’s like the first kiss! The tenderest of all, an 8-ounce buffalo filet with seasonal vegetables and Fort potatoes.
Market Price

Herb Butter Buffalo Tenderloin Filet Mignon*

Enjoy this tender 8 ounce buffalo tenderloin, sautéed with butter, and  herbs, -cooked in a cast iron skillet, brought sizzling to your table. Served with Fort potatoes and seasonal vegetables.
Market Price

Buffalo Sirloin Steak Medallions*

A favorite of Kit Carson, who was commissioned to provide 1,000 lbs. of buffalo meat to Bent’s Fort in the 1840’s. Two 5-ounce buffalo sirloin medallions, full of flavor for the hearty appetite and served with seasonal vegetables and Fort potatoes.

The Fort’s Game Plate*

Try them All! Our most popular dish! An elk medallion, buffalo sirloin medallion, and a grilled teriyaki quail. Served with seasonal vegetables, and Fort potatoes, and wild Montana huckleberry preserves.

16-ounce Dry-Aged Beef Ribeye*

Uncle John always preferred dry aged beef which is hung in a temperature controlled cool house for over 21 days! For your inner Mountain Man or Woman! Sink your teeth into this 16-ounce ribeye, grilled to perfection, served with seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes.

14-ounce Colorado Natural Beef NY Strip Steak*

The marbling speaks for itself, tender, and rich with flavor! Served with seasonal vegetables and Fort potatoes.

“Tenderlips” Colorado Natural Beef Filet Mignon

So tender it is like the first kiss! 6-ounce center cut beef filet grilled to perfection, served with seasonal vegetables and Fort potatoes.

Incorrect Steak

Incorrect Steak

Incorrect Steak*

Frontiersman Dick Wootton’s favorite steak and eggs. Our 14-ounce Colorado natural beef NY strip, topped with a blend of melted Mexican cheeses, New Mexican dixon red chile sauce and a fried egg, served with seasonal vegetables and Fort potatoes.

Gonzales Steak*

Inspired by The Fort’s wood carver Elidio Gonzales. A 14-ounce Colorado natural beef NY strip, stuffed with New Mexican hatch green chiles, topped with a freshly grilled chile pod, and served with seasonal vegetables and Fort potatoes.

Elk St. Vrain*

Ceran St. Vrain was Bent’s partner in the 1840s, when they were forming the Bent St. Vrain Company. Two 4-ounce elk medallions, grilled to perfection with wild Montana huckleberry preserves. Served with seasonal vegetables and Fort potatoes.

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General Armijo’s Colorado Lamb T-bones*

He was known to steal your sheep and then sell them back to you in the 1840s! Two grilled tender Colorado lamb T-bones, served with Mint Jelly, seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes.

Mountains Meet the Sea

Mountains Meet the Sea

Mountains Meet the Sea*

The Fort’s Cook Darren created this entree! Enjoy a 5-ounce buffalo sirloin with marinated Gulf shrimp in olive oil, sea salt and garlic, and broiled enough to caramelize them but keeping them tender and sweet inside. Served with Fort potatoes and seasonal vegetable.

Smoke House Buffalo BBQ Ribs

Bent’s Fort’s cook, Charlotte Green would’ve approved! Buffalo ribs are BIG with tender meat falling off the bone! Smoked buffalo ribs, slowly roasted and smothered in our tangy Jack Daniels barbecue sauce. Served with seasonal vegetables beans and garlic and leek mashed potatoes.
(4 Ribs) $38
(6 Ribs) $48

French Voyager Walleye Fish from the Great Lakes

A meaty white fish, distant cousin of Pike, is pan sautéed, served with a dry vermouth, lemon and caper sauce, served with quinoa rice pilaf, and seasonal vegetables.

Ancho Orange Duck*

This is a favorite of hunters and duck meat lovers…so tender and delish! Two pan seared, tender duck breasts with a served with an ancho orange sauce on a bed of quinoa rice pilaf and seasonal vegetables.

William Bent’s Grilled Quail

Quail roamed the prairies in the 1840’s and was a favorite food of American Indians and fur trappers! Two teriyaki marinated quail served with wild Montana huckleberry preserves, seasonal vegetables, and Fort potatoes.

Charlotte Green’s Entree Salad

You choose the “pickens”! Seven mixed greens with goat cheese, jicama, candied walnuts, pickled ginger and dried berries. Served with your choice of dressing.

  • 6 grilled Gulf Shrimp $19
  • An Elk Medallion $19
  • A Buffalo Sirloin $17
  • A Duck Breast $15
  • A Quail $11

The Fort’s New Mexican Beyond Meat Chile

“Like the first kiss” A bowl of Beyond meat served with President Jefferson’s Favorite Mild Green Chile Mac N’ Cheese and seasonal vegetable.
Vegan option available.

Green Chile Sauce and Red Chile Sauce

Green Chile Sauce and Red Chile Sauce

Sides Available

Add a side to any entree of:

  • Grilled Gulf Shrimp $19
  • Elk Medallion* $19
  • Buffalo Sirloin* $17
  • Duck Breast* $15
  • Buffalo Rib $14
  • Quail $11
  • President Jefferson’s Favorite Mild Green Chile Mac N’ Cheese “Pudding” Our version of his recipe served at the White House in the early 1800’s. Ask your server to add Red Chile or enjoy plain to make your Mac n’ Cheese Fort style!
  • Substitute any starch with President Jefferson’s Favorite Mac N’ Cheese $6
  • Forest Mushrooms $10
  • Crisp Double Fried French Fries $6
  • Seasonal Vegetables, steamed or roasted $4
  • Buttery Mashed Potatoes $4
  • Coconut Rice Quinoa Pilaf $4
  • Our Famous Sauces $4
    • Choose from:
    • Hot or Mild Gonzales Green Chile
    • Huckleberry Preserves
    • New Mexican Dixon Red Chile Gravy
    • Jack Daniels Barbecue

* Regarding the safety of these items, written information is available upon request; consuming raw or undercooked meat poultry seafood shellfish or eggs may increase your risk a foodborne illness. This item can be cooked to order.

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Holly’s Sweet Cupboard Desserts

Dish of Magill’s World Famous Ice Cream

Choice of Mexican chocolate, coffee with niblets, or vanilla bean ice cream.

Holly’s Adobe Sundae

Holly’s Adobe Sundae

Holly’s Adobe Sundae

Choice of Mexican chocolate, coffee, or vanilla bean ice cream, topped with our homemade hot fudge sauce and a dusting of chocolate adobe chile powder.

Homemade Butterscotch Sundae

Vanilla bean ice cream topped with our homemade butterscotch and pinon nuts.

The Fort’s Famous Ice Cream Mud Pie

A slice of the Fort’s Special Mud Ice Cream Pie, back by popular demand, includes Mexican chocolate ice cream and an Oreo cookie crust, layered with Enstrom’s toffee for dessert!

The Fort's Chile Chocolate Bourbon Cake

Chocolate Chile Bourbon Cake

Chocolate Chile Bourbon Cake

A delectable and ancient Aztec combination of a rich, dark chocolate, walnuts and New Mexico red chile cake. Drizzled with bourbon and topped with a homemade hot fudge sauce. It will make your heart sing “Hip, Hip, Huzzah!”

Bobbie Chaim’s Famous Cheesecake

A light, creamy cheesecake made with Neilson Massey’s Madagascar vanilla and with a graham cracker, almond crust. “It’s better than the first kiss.”

Crème Brûlée (Chef’s Choice)

A delicate custard covered in a caramelized sugar crust.

Charlotte Green’s Homemade Slice of Pie

Charlotte Green was the famous cook at Bent’s Old Fort and was known for her pies and spunky personality. Enjoy a slice of seasonal fruit pie served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Guinness Stout Dark Chocolate Chip Chocolate Brownie

Finished with Smokey Maldon Sea Salt
With a scoop of your choice of  Magill’s vanilla ice cream, Coffee ice cream with Niblets, or Mexican Chocolate ice cream (a la mode) –

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