Historic Drinks

The Fort's Hailstorm Julep

The 1840 Hailstorm Premiere Julep

The Fort’s Drink Menu

Fur Trade Potables

Authentic concoctions from 170 years ago. Enjoy these unusual tastes of early America.

The 1840 Hailstorm Premiere Julep $15

The famed drink from Bent’s Fort: Your choice of well bourbon or scotch, sugar, mint and ice in a Mason jar.

Real Georgia Mint Julep $15

French brandy, peach brandy, ice, sugar and sprigs of mint served in a Mason jar.

Trade Whiskey $12

Historic old western fur trade recipe: fine bourbon deliciously flavored with red pepper, tobacco and black gun powder. Remarkably excellent in flavor. Served neat.

1732 Philadelphia Fish House Punch $14

Myer’s rum, peach brandy, brandy, sugar and lemon juice over ice.

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Fort Specialties

Jim Bridger $15

A mysterious mix of 9 ingredients with rum. For those who like a citrusy, semi-sweet drink.

Last Roundup $18

Four premium rums and juices. Limit two, unless you’re riding a horse who knows his own way home.

Bear’s Blood $15

Tequila, pomegranate juice, lemon and lime.

Pomegranate Martini $18

Pama pomegranate liqueur, Absolut Citrus vodka, and a splash of cranberry juice.

Sangria $16

Made from fresh lemon, lime, orange and apple. Then blended with red wine, a splash of brandy and served in a Mason jar.

White Ginger Sangria $16

Made from fresh lemon, lime, orange and apple. Blended with white wine, a splash of Canton Liqueur and served in a mason jar.

William Bents’ “Kick” to the Moscow Mule

A harmonious blend of Colorado Vodka, Canton Ginger liqueur, lime, and Cock & Bull Ginger Beer.

With copper cup $37 / Refill with copper cup $14

Bear Hunters Tea $11

Hot tea served with a splash of Barenjager Honey liqueur.

Snuggler $10

Hot Chocolate & Peppermint Schnapps

Campari $12

Served over ice with a bottle of sparkling water and lime.

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Gringo Style

The Fort’s traditional recipe. 1/2 liter pitcher $24 / Glass $12

Mexican Style

Jose Cuervo Gold, Triple Sec and freshly squeezed lime juice. 1/2 liter pitcher $24 / Glass $12

Prickly Pear

Made with scarlet prickly pear fruit – slush or on the rocks. 1/2 liter pitcher $24 / Glass $12

Agave Margarita $12

A delish blend of Blanco tequila, lime juice and sweetened with agave nectar. Refreshing, will tame the thirstiest of travelers.

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Pints of Colorado Brews

O’Dell IPA $7

St. Vrain Cidery, Seasonal Hard Cider $7

Coors Light $7

Great Divide American Lager $7

Left Hand St. Vrain Belgium Tripel $9

Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout $8

(Subject to change seasonally)

Pilgrims’ Drinks

Hot Chocolate $5

Big B’s Spiced Apple Cider $7

Served hot with cinnamon, allspice, cloves.

Prickly Pear Cooler (Colonche) $7

Colorado’s first non-alcoholic drink enjoyed at the South Platte River fur trade forts. Made of prickly pear syrup, fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice.

Fountain Soda $5

San Pelligrino (sparkling) or Fiji (still) water $7

Pilot’s Cocktail $7

You’ll fly safely with Peychaud bitters & sparkling water. Not sweet, but clean, cold and wet!

Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer $7

Cock ’N Bull Ginger Beer $5

Lemonade $5

Iced Tea $3

Bottles of Brews $5

Buckler – Holland (Non-Alcoholic)

Hot Tea $3

Coffee $3

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