Eric “Many Winds” Herrera

Eric "Many Winds" Herrera

Eric “Many Winds” Herrera

Eric “Many Winds” Herrera

Performing Most Friday and Saturday
Evenings at The Fort.

Native American Flute by Eric “Many Winds” Herrera

Eric Herrera Reflections CD

Eric “Many Winds” Herrera, whose heritage includes  Blackfeet Indian, European Hispanic and German, has been a musician for over 36 years with talents spanning brass, string, percussion and flute instruments. As a Performing artist in both contemporary Christian and native works, the Native American flute is his most heart-felt talent. Eric considers his music as a way of honoring his Native American heritage. Through his music, his intent is to tell the Native American story and to enrich the lives of those who hear it.

Purchase Eric’s CD “Reflections” in the The Fort Giftshop.


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