Enjoy Shinin’ Times with Private Tipi Dining

Are you looking for a unique dining option for your next group outing or special occasion? We’re excited to introduce a new private dining option in our courtyard’s tipi for guests seeking a dining experience reminiscent of the Old West. The Fort’s full menu is available for guests to enjoy, and our events manager will also work with you to curate a custom menu for your outing.

Tipis were originally made from animal skins wrapped around wooden poles and were often adorned with paintings of sacred animals, legends and battle scenes. These permanent, sometimes seasonal residences were popular amongst the Plains American Indians. The Sioux tribe’s translation for tipi is “used to live in,” which makes perfect sense in that many tribes disassembled and moved their homes throughout their travels.

The design and architecture of the tipi is deeply rooted in spiritual meaning. The circular foundation symbolizes the connection to the earth and inter-connectivity to all, while the hide walls of the tipi are representative of the sky, which typically ended toward the top of the structure. The opening at the top allowed American Indians to cook inside and keep warm during the winter months.

Traditional tipis were not only used for dwelling and protection from the elements, but also as a sacred space to build community. We invite you to build your community with a private dinner during your next trip to Red Rocks country. For more information, please call (303) 697-2282.