Celebrate Halloween with The Fort’s Bear’s Blood Cocktail

Those preparing to host gals and ghouls on All Hallows’ Eve can now incorporate a spine-chilling cocktail, true to the Rocky Mountain region, into the festivities!


Here’s how to make The Fort’s “Bear’s Blood” cocktail at home:

Bear’s Blood


+ 6 tbsp. orange juice

+ 3 oz. light rum

+ 1 tbsp. grenadine

+ Juice of half a lime

+ Dash of orange flower water

+ Dash of sweet and sour syrup

+ Crushed ice

+ Sparkling water, to top

+ Mint leaf, for garnish

Combine all ingredients except sparkling water and mint leaf in a widemouthed, pint-sized Mason jar. Stir or shake. Top with sparkling water, garnish with a mint leaf and enjoy.

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