Tesoro Living History Experience

Tesoro Living History Experience at The Fort!

Tesoro Living History Experience

A Celebration of Colorado’s 1830s History!
Guided Tours of The Fort Each Day by Period Dressed Educators!

Join us for Tesoro Living History Experience. This exciting new program held every weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11am until 3pm, from June thru October 15. Let us transport you into Bent’s Fort in the 1830s! Take in the beautiful scenery and grounds at The Fort Restaurant in Morrison, CO. Our Mountain Men and Artisans will immerse you in an historic atmosphere that’s sure to educate and entertain. Short films and hands-on activities provide insight into the life and the many cultures of early Colorado.

Fun for the whole family!

At The Fort, Morrison, CO

PRICE: Adults $5, Children under 12 FREE

Visit the Tesoro Cultural Center Website to learn more! >

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